Breast Lift

A perkier, more "shapely" silhouette can be yours

Loss of skin elasticity, gravity and other factors such as weight loss, pregnancy and breast-feeding ultimately affect the shape and firmness of breasts. Patients satisfied with the size of their breasts can address these changes by undergoing a mastopexy, often referred to as a ‘breast lift’. A mastopexy can restore a youthful, perky appearance. Some patients, however, may be unhappy with the loss in volume, or breast size, that often accompanies sagging.
In such cases, breast implants in conjunction with a breast lift can help deliver a little more fullness along with improved shape.

You may be a good candidate for mastopexy if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  • breasts that are sagging

  • breasts that lack firmness, or appear “deflated”
  • nipples that are too low or point downward

  • Apart from addressing the above changes, breast asymmetries (size, shape, nipple position) can be corrected.


    What can you expect?

    A breast lift (mastopexy) is usually performed only once breast development has ended, with some exceptions. While some women opt to have a breast lift after experiencing the changes associated with pregnancy, breast-feeding, or menopause, many decide to undergo the procedure at a younger age. Since the milk ducts and nipples are left intact, breast lift surgery usually will not affect your ability to breast-feed. Your surgeon will be able to discuss with you the type of breast lift you are best suited for and whether or not implants should be considered.

    Before & after Breast lift and breast reduction


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    Please take note that informed and written consent was obtained from each patient, and they have understood that their pictures/videos/images will be presented on social media platforms.

    * Photos do not represent a guarantee of results and results may vary

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