Jessica Brown

Nurse Injector


Soon after completing her nursing studies, Jessica started working in the hospital industry, practicing in various specialized departments such as oncology and hemodialysis, as well as in the delivery room.

Over the years, her helpful and welcoming personality allowed her to provide much-needed help and comfort to every patient under her care.

Eager to take on new challenges, she then completed specialized training in phlebology and started working in a private medical clinic.

Her passion for the medico-aesthetic branch led her to pursue advanced training in injections, a field in which she has now been excelling for many years.

Jessica joined Dr. Karl Schwarz’s team in early 2018.

Working with Dr. Schwarz and observing his work has allowed Jessica to learn new and advanced injection techniques. She regularly attends seminars and conferences to ensure that she remains up to date and aware of any new developments in the medico-aesthetic care industry.

She uses her expertise with injectable neuromodulators and dermal fillers to help improve the overall balance of a patient’s face, more specifically in areas such as the lips, cheeks, jawline and around the mouth, while always ensuring that the facial morphology remains graceful and natural.

Her warm personality and compassionate approach will quickly put you at ease. Nurse Jessica offers treatments aimed at rejuvenating her patient’s face while preserving its natural and harmonious appearance.



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