Breast Reconstruction

Reconstruction opens a world of possibilities after a mastectomy

Modern surgical techniques make it possible to reconstruct a natural-looking breast after a partial or complete mastectomy (breast removal) for cancer or other diseases. Reconstruction can be performed immediately following a mastectomy, so that the patient awakens with a new breast. Alternatively, reconstruction may begin years after a mastectomy. The choice is yours.


What can you expect?

There are several ways to reconstruct a breast. Techniques include use of a breast implant or the patient’s own tissues (such as the DIEP flap). Your choice should be based not only on your needs and expectations, but also guided by an experienced surgeon.

Revisional breast reconstruction (patients who are unhappy with the results of their reconstruction elsewhere) is one of Dr. Karl Schwarz's specialties.

Importantly, breast reconstruction does not affect the recurrence of cancer and, if timed properly, does not affect chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

Curious about Breast Reconstruction?

Will you undergo a mastectomy or have you already had one? Find out if you are a good candidate for breast reconstruction and explore the possibilities at Clinique Dr. Karl Schwarz.