Stéphanie Gilgen

Nurse injector


Stéphanie obtained her nursing diploma in 2008 and began her career in the operating room. Having always been passionate about plastic surgery and medico-aesthetics, she decided to pursue a career as Head Nurse with the renowned Dr. Gaston Schwarz, father of Dr. Karl Schwarz. It was at this time that she met Dr. Karl Schwarz, with whom she developed a great bond. She had the privilege of practicing her profession alongside these renowned surgeons, in an environment that served to strengthen her confidence and work ethic.

Throughout her career, she attended numerous training courses and conferences on new trends in medico-aesthetics, whether in Paris, Amsterdam or in Switzerland. She also trained with renowned pharmaceutical companies such as Galderma, always seeking to renew her expertise to be at the forefront of her profession and best serve her patients. Today, she enjoys a solid reputation for her meticulous and perfectionist work, and is recognized for the natural results she offers to her patients.

Be sure to book your consultation with Stéphanie at Clinique K in Old-Longueuil, whether for neuromodulator injections and/or fillers that will balance the harmony of your face in areas such as lips, cheeks, mouth or jawline. Stéphanie is deeply valued by her loyal clientele first for her talent but also for her warm, respectful, caring and straightforward approach.



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