Double Chin Treatment

Less is more when it comes to double chin treatments

No matter how you look at it, a ‘double chin’ can add years to your face. Whether your excess ‘double chin’ fat is genetic, age-related, weight-related, or a combination, treatments to melt away this fat are now available across Canada.


What can I expect?

Belkyra™ is an injectable that dissolves or melts away the fat that causes ‘double chins.’ It breaks down the fat cells and the contents are then eliminated by the body. The fat cells are destroyed forever and cannot come back. Belkyra works best for moderate to severe ‘double chin’ cases.

The objective of this non-invasive procedure is to improve the angle between the jawline and the neck. Most patients require 3 treatments, each one month apart.

Curious about Double Chin treatment?

Could your self-confidence benefit from a double chin treatment? Find out if you are a good candidate and explore the possibilities at Clinique Dr. Karl Schwarz.
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